Help Fund Our Adventure Sale!

I am trying to come up with ways to save a little extra money for our upcoming Envision adventure, so I took photos of a bunch of jewelry and costume accessories that I had accumulated. I made most of this stuff and have been selling things like this at barter faires, festivals, and yard sales over the years. So take a look at my crafty inventory, and let me know if something catches your eye.

Each photo’s caption includes sizes, materials, and how to purchase it. We’ll see how it goes to just accept PayPal payments for each item and remove the photos as items sell. Local friends, please feel free to just message or e-mail me and we can meet up so you can try the item on and we can make the exchange in person. I’ll be in San Francisco the end of January as well for my not-quite-so-local friends. But I will also gladly ship any of these items at no cost to you! These are super sale prices and everything is priced to go – so jump on it and help us have an extra awesome trip while supporting my artsy craftsy creations! Please double check the sizes – some of the jewelry is pretty small, so measure yourself before ordering, and contact me with any questions!

Thanks for shopping and helping us save for our adventure! I will be shipping these and taking orders until February 15th, and after that, you’ll have to wait until we get home around March 21st. I very much appreciate the support, so please share this post with friends.

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  1. I’ve only made one sale so far, please hit me up and a big THANK YOU to those who have shared my photos on social media. I will keep this post up and fulfill any orders that come in after our trip once we leave on the 15th. 🙂

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