Digital Marketing Services

When attempting to navigate strange foreign landscapes, it helps to have a guide who’s been there before. One who takes the time to understand where you want to go and the best way to get you there, personalized to your travel plans…

In the realms of digital marketing, marketing strategy, social media content, graphic design, event promotion, project management or just getting your virtual bits & bytes in order, I can be your tour guide!

With a background (and a BFA) in  graphic and web design, and a career that has led me hopping around between social media management, content creation, digital marketing strategy and event promotion, I may be just the right mix of creative and nerd to help organize your digital life, strategize how define and reach your ideal target audience, and get you up and running online with a strategy and systems that make your life easier.

I’m especially interested in working with purpose driven businesses and organizations focused on creating a more sustainable, just, compassionate, equitable, interconnected and FUN world for all of us. Let’s get organized, then let’s get creative!

Photo by Alyssa Keys at Enchanted Forest Gathering.
Photo by Alyssa Keys at Enchanted Forest Gathering.

Before we begin our journey, let’s look at the map. Here’s an idea of what I can offer:

  • Is your digital life a bit of a mess? Overwhelmed with getting your business online and active on social media? I can help you get things organized and consult you on marketing strategy, recommend services and build systems to help manage and track your digital marketing efforts, share tips for creating effective social media content, or help develop your brand and online presence as your Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • Have you been trying so many marketing tactics that just aren’t working, or starting a business and unsure of where to start? It starts with an informed strategy, building systems that help you manage and analyze your marketing content and data, and understanding your target audience and their needs. When you need a plan to level up your marketing, I can help as your Brand & Marketing Strategist.
  • Need help dialing in your company’s branding or the look & feel for your website? Let me help with creating social media graphics, organizing website projects and working with developers to make sure your online presence is SEO optimized or laying out your next email newsletter or printed publication as your Graphic & Web Designer.
  • Having trouble communicating exactly what it is you do and creating content that effectively turns leads into happy customers and clients? I can help write or edit copy, brainstorm content ideas, and write up guidelines, blog posts, mission statements taglines and more as your Creative Writer & Copy Editor.
  • Is managing the day to day of your social media accounts just a bit too much? Struggling with coming up with creative content and responding to the seemingly endless stream of notifications? I’d love to help solidify strategy, create and schedule content, organize digital assets and get you started with advertising on social media as your Social Media Manager.
  • Are you throwing a party, organizing a conference, or promoting a festival? With years of doing just about every aspect of event marketing and promotion under my belt, I’d love to help you attract attendees and sell tickets as your Event Marketer & Promoter.
  • I’ve dabbled in these and many other creative avenues over the years, so please feel free to reach out if none of these quite fit what you’re looking for. If I can’t help, I may be able to point you in the direction of someone who can!

Sound like just what you’re looking for? Let’s take the next step…

If you’re ready to level up your marketing with the help of an experienced guide who can walk you through the process, build a solid strategy, and coach you to execute it yourself if you like, it sounds like we may make a great team! Send me an email at or fill out the Contact Form to get more information or request an estimate for your project.

Need a bit more convincing?

Check out some of my projects in the work section, read some of my writing on my own blog here on this site, or my author archives on the Lucidity blog. You can also check out my resume or peruse my profile on LinkedIn.

Certifications Earned

  • Hubspot Academy: Content Marketing Certification – completed September 2023
  • Hubspot Academy: Social Media Certification – completed October 2023