Rethinking Money

This short film is a great introduction to a new way of thinking about money and the economic system. I have heard great things about Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein, and now I am even more inspired to read it. If this is your first introduction to this type of thinking, I also encourage you to check out Adbusters magazine and their “Buy Nothing Christmas” campaign. Also see The Zeitgeist Movement and watch Zeitgeist: The Movie for more.

Why has our economy become more important than our global citizenship, our humanity, our planet, our sustainability as a species on earth, our morality? What makes economics the top priority of our governments over all other social and political issues? What gifts can we give that don’t require money? How is the way we think about money limiting our lives, and keeping us from truly giving our gifts to the world? The Sacred Economics movement strives to answer these questions, and it’s about damn time we questioned our failing economic system and started thinking of other possibilities.

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