Mucho Fruta!

Well, we’re alive! No issues on our red eye flight other than lack of actual sleep, and we managed to find the right buses and the place we are staying in Atenas with one of James’s dad’s friends. Atenas is a super cute little hilly town FULL OF FRUIT TREES!!! We walked around town picking not quite ripe mangos, guavas, starfruit, bananas, and searching for elusive avocado trees. We mostly just chilled and rested yesterday, but we did get to enjoy some piña coladas and smoothies made with lots of local fruit and Nicaraguan rum.

Fruit Hunting in Atenas, Costa Rica 2014

James, Zac, and I took a bus to San Jose today to get our Uvita bus tickets and check out the city. This place is CRAZY. Super narrow streets, cars and people everywhere, and man are internet cafes hard to find! But we did find a vegetarian restaurant. Now to get bus tickets, check out the Contemporary Art and Design museum, and head back to Atenas tonight only to come back here in the morning to catch our bus to Uvita.

James Spinning in San Jose, Costa Rica 2014 A Park in San Jose, Costa Rica 2014 Bromeliad on Palm: the Beginning of Plants on Plants in Atenas, Costa Rica 2014

Envision starts Thursday, until then we’re staying in the beautiful and rustic looking Cascada Verde hostel in Uvita. It is beautiful here and the people are super friendly (other than all the cat calls Genevieve and I have been getting as we walk around – but even those are friendlier and less vulgar than the ones in the states).

Pura vida! Hasta luego!

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