Akasha Micro

I created a content marketing strategy for a local herbalist and coach creating a psilocybin microdosing product line called Akasha. The project included creating educational social media content, fact sheets, email campaigns and sales materials. As we got to know her audience, the content focused on education, engagement and coaching those interested in supporting their mental health and expanding their minds in building a microdosing practice.

As a marketing consultant and social media manager for Akasha, I’ve set up systems for managing and tracking all aspects of marketing the small business, educating customers and discreetly leading them on the buyer’s journey. Along the way, my client has pivoted her offerings to suit the needs of this growing niche market and we’ve nurtured an engaged and grateful community.

Because the project began with a detailed marketing plan and customized scalable marketing systems, Akasha has grown into a successful stream of income as well as an enriching practice for the client and the customers she supports on their microdosing journeys.

Each client’s needs and audience are unique and so the process and my work with them is completely customized to their business, budget, and the audience they serve. It’s been a pleasure growing a mycelial network around the Akasha brand and you can see my continued work on their Instagram page.

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