Hi, I’m Megan, aka Pru. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, studied graphic and interface design at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, and moved to Northern California in search of greener pastures and a more progressive political climate shortly after earning my BFA. The mountains and woods of Idaho are my roots, but I am at home in the redwood coastline and the Northern California state of mind. Currently living my best life in Sonoma County where I don’t have to deal with actual winters and I can lazy garden year-round. Life is pretty rad.

I am a creative person who wears many hats. My training began in graphic design and web design and I can manage social media and create content in my sleep, but these days I prefer to think bigger picture. My passion lies in envisioning, planning, and implementing creative and marketing strategies across a variety of media and platforms, working with a team or a client to build the strategy and systems needed to run a well-oiled marketing machine and create content that hits people right in the feels. I’m also one of those crazy people who seems to thrive in chaos and I have lots of event planning, marketing and production experience.

I work best with a supportive and interdependent team but I have plenty of experience doing literally all of the things as a one-woman marketing department as well. If it’s artsy and techy, throw it at me and I can probably figure it out. If my heart’s in it, that is. I quickly get bored of projects with no substance and no purpose. But I can do anything when inspired and on a mission I can align with. I can’t sit still and I can’t stop creating. Because I can’t imagine a life in which I didn’t make beautiful things, and I can’t stop trying to leave this amazing world a more beautiful, balanced place than I found it.

This site is part design and social media portfolio, part journal, part recipe collection, part manifesto, and in general, a central hub to organize all of my various interests in this wild adventure called life. Enjoy!

Megan Prusynski spinning fire hoop. Photo by Alejandra Aguirre.
Photo by Alejandra Aguirre in 2013 – fire hooping with intense concentration face. An oldie but a baddie.

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